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The Future Brigade

As Fat Mike from NOFX said, "we're doing it for the cause." The Future Brigade is here 'cause it heard the mandate loud and clear -- parents and kids need GOOD music to jam to! Both on their own and ESPECIALLY together. Whether it's in the car, at home, outside, watching TV or a movie, or even in the classroom, Future Brigade tunes are here to deliver hip music for all generations that everyone can enjoy. Our mission is for you and your kid to press play together, grin uncontrollably, and start dancing to the beat - and maybe even learn something cool and educational along the way! Future Brigade does this by combining genre styles and musical "nods" or "references" to all types of pop culture, entertainment, and education, in a smart, intentional, and integrated way so that generations of kids and adults can react positively, enjoy, and frankly freak out together to the same hits. It's that simple - we're here to liberate your inner rock star and make you and your kids bust a move. 

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